Law office of H. Sammy Rihan
Law office of H. Sammy Rihan
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    We are different than the other attorneys

    Someone in need of our auto accident law firm in San Diego, CA

    Our law firm's main area of practice is Auto-Accident related injuries

    For over twenty years, we have provided exceptional personalized  services to each of our clients. We have built a very successful  practice without the need of much advertising. Most clients are referred  by former satisfied clients or colleagues who trust our work ethic,  integrity, and experience. 

    Attorneys do the work, Not paralegals

    We pride ourselves on making certain each and every one of our clients  is provided the attention needed up and through the successful  resolution of each case.  All negotiations are conducted by an attorney,  not a paralegal or legal assistant. 

    No Hidden Fees. If we do not win your case, you pay no attorney fees!

    You are charged a contingency fee (a percentage of the gross recovery.)   Therefore, if there is no recovery, there is no fee! Our fees are  reasonable. There are no additional costs unless they are authorized by  the client in advance. 

    You are the Boss, and We Listen!

    Your case is not resolved without your permission.  We relay final  offers to resolve your claim to you. We give you our recommendation on  whether we believe the offer is fair based on the facts of your claim  and our experience. YOU MAKE THE INFORMED DECISION on whether to accept  or decline the final offer from the insurance company. 

    We Return Phone Calls!

    We know your time is valuable, and no one likes to be ignored. We do our  best to make sure all client telephone calls or inquires are responded  to within 4 business hours. (If after hours, weekends or holidays, by  10:00 a.m. the next business day.) 

    We appreciate our Clients

    We know that there are a lot of attorneys in San Diego, and that you  have choices. We do our absolute best to keep you satisfied. We keep you  updated as to the status of your case.